Direction and Parking


By bicycle:

We recommend to arrive by bike. There are enough possibilities to park your bicycle around the campus.

By bus:

To come to Campus Melaten you can take the bus lines 12, 33, 70, 73 and 103. You can get off at the stops Forckenbeckstraße or Campus Melaten (Physikzentrum).

For more information visit ASEAG.

By car:

From Aachen city center:

Take the A4 going west. Get off at the exit Ac.-Laurensberg / Ac.-Richterich / Ac.-Uniklinik / TH / Herzogenrath and stay right at the fork to follow Kohlscheiderstraße / L260. Keep to the right to follow the L260. Continue on the Pariser Ring and turn right on Campus-Boulevard.

From Vaals:

Start on Wolfskuilenweg direction Sacre Coeurstraat going north. Turn right on Maastichterlaan / N278 and continue on Vaalserstraße / B1. Turn to Pariser Ring and take the exit to RWTH-Melaten. Follow the signs to RWTH-Melaten, turn to Forckenbeckstraße and turn left on the Campus-Boulevard.


*** Straßensperrungen am 02.06.2017 ***


*** Sperrungen ***


Parking Spots

parking spots

Parking spaces around Campus Melaten can be found on the Parkspange. You can also park in the car park Forckenbeck. These parking options are only publicly accessible on the day of the event. On other days it is only allowed to park there if you have a specific parking ID.