Bring your Kids - Childrens Program

  Kita Vincerola Copyright: Vincerola

Not only grown-ups get the chance to active at the RWTH Campuslauf 2018. Under the motto “Bring your Kids”, the University Sports Center (HSZ), in cooperation with the Montessori Kindergarten “Vincerola” and three other day care centers of the student union, is offering kids the opportunity to follow in the running footsteps of their parents, so that they too might one day take part in the Campuslauf.


A Program in any Weather

This year, the Kindergarten Vincerola is opening its doors on the Campus Boulevard. It is offering children a two hour program on the running course.
“Everything that brings movement” is offered, says Gabriele Schneider, department head of the student union’s day care centers. During good weather, the children can, for example, let off steam in the three minute run around the kindergarten building. The young talent with receive a starting number, just like their older peers. After reaching the finish line the kids will get to pick up a certificate. Next to running, fun is the top priority. For this reason there are also a low rope garden, trampoline and football fields that can be explored outdoors. In the case of bad weather, there will be a program indoors. In this case the colorful parachute and climbing blocks will come into action. Those interested, can bring their little ones to “Vincerola” from 3pm to 5pm and jump, run and play together.