DHM Hockey

  Group of players sitting on the floor of the gymnasium HSZ

From March 10 to March 12, 2017, in Aachen everything revolves around indoor hockey: The University Sports Center of RWTH Aachen hosts the German University Championships (DHM) Indoor Hockey. All participating teams give everything at the tournament and contest for the trophy in exciting matches. Participants and spectators can expect besides thrilling matches a broad supporting programme. The organizing team looks forward to eventful and successful tournament days!


Friday, March 10, 2017, to March 12, 2017

What? DHM Indoor Hockey
Where? Sporthalle Königshügel, Sporthalle Eckertweg

80 Euros per team

460 Euros per team (non-member universities)



Melih Özkardes





Caterina Clemens



German University Championships

German University Championship (DHM) is the figurehead of University Sports at national level. For providing the appropriate type of sport for all students, the German University Sports Federation (adh) organizes about 40 German University Championships in 32 types of sports per year. It´s special about the DHM that students who do the sport as a hobby or as mass sport compete with top athletes and celebrate together after the competitions! University Championships are more than a benchmarking on a high level, they combine aspects of high-performance sport with student interests of coming together, communicating and interchanging as well.

Announcement and registration

The online registration at the German University Sports Federation (adh) is effected by means of each University Sports Center or representatives until Friday, February 10, 2017. Non-member universities please get in touch with the University Sports Center of RWTH Aachen (0241 80 624390) by an informal fax and send a copy to the German University Sports Federation – (adh) – (060 71 20 75 78) as well to DC-Hockey (040 22927987). Please note any application has to be signed by the University management or an institution of a student body. The complete announcement with further important information and the link for registration can be found in the box on the right.

Accommodation and meals

On-site you can stay overnight in a separate gym which costs 13 Euros per night and person. Registering for overnight staying is possible until February 24, 2017, by following the application link in the box on the right. You need to bring your own sleeping bag and camping mat. There is a cafeteria for further meals on-site.

City of Aachen

Besides three days of top-class sport on the grounds of the RWTH Aachen the old imperial city of Aachen offers more nice places of interest and opportunities of activities. Aachen belongs to the tripoint Germany, Belgium and Netherlands and is especially well-known for its cathedral which is World Cultural Heritage since 1978 as well its wonderful historic district which is proper for relaxed strolling through the city. For following refreshing there are many cosy bars, pubs and restaurants. Therefore Pontstraße counts as a popular venue for all students. The famous and delicious Aachener Printen are perfect for getting a souvenir for people who stayed at home.



Sporthalle Königshügel


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Insurance Protection

Unlike the other University Sports offers, there is no additional insurance coverage when participating in this event. We strongly recommend acquiring your own insurance protection.