Pilates Level 1


Target Group and Prerequisites

Pilates Level 1 is suitable for individuals who would like to try pilates for the first time. Personal fitness or previous athletic experience does not play a role. This level is also suitable for individuals with slight movement limitations.

PIlates Level 1 to 2 is suitable both for beginners and individuals with previous pilates experience. The course teaches the fundamentals of pilates. However, advanced individuals will also get their money's worth from this class.

Content and Objectives

The goal is to learn the fundamentals of pilates, the interaction of breathing and building up and maintaining the power house, as well as to increase overall fitness. The variation between exercise and relaxation periods allows for a smooth start to pilates training.

In the new course Pilates for runners specific exercises for strenghtening and stretching of the muscles are done which are especially strained or desregarded by runners. A regular pilates training supports the efficiancy of the running activity. Vital and stable muscles help preventing injuries.


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