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Acrobatics is a spectacular type of sport, which demands a great level of coordination and stamina from the body during movements. Acrobatics primarily stems from circuses, vaudeville, and other events. Acrobatics is a great sport for the stage as proven by the legendary University Sports Show.



Alexander Landschek

Representative / Trainer





Gregor Lowinski




Basic Information

Sports Facilities

Sporthalle Ahornstraße


We train barefoot. Please bring several spare T-shirts.

Special Participation Requirements

Requirements for participation include body tension, balance, some strength, and enjoyment in working out tricks and figures with others. The group is not a competitive group like in sports acrobatics, but rather works more with show acrobatics. Enjoyment of gymnastics is at the core.

A training instructor must be present for a course to take place. In the event of the absence of the instructor on short notice, the training will be cancelled if no substitute can be found.

Organizational Information

Booking for an Individual Date

For participation, weekly online registration, the so-called "Einzelterminbuchung" is required.
The booking is free of charge and can be performed up to seven days in advance. Once a unit has begun, the next one can be booked.
The bookings for individual dates are valid for the entire duration of a unit. Spots that become available due to cancellations are only allocated online and not on site. Please do not show up without confirmed registration.

Online Cancellation

Bookings must be cancelled online, if a participant cannot attend the booked date. Cancellations can be performed up to 30 minutes before the course begins. Registrations are accepted right up until the course begins.
The HSZ reserves the right to block participants from registering online, who have repeatedly registered forthe course and not shown up without cancelling their booking, thus preventing somebody else from taking part.

Course Cancellation and Facility Closure Mailing List

If you would like to be informed of last minute course cancellations and facility closures affecting this class, please join the corresponding mailing list.