Walking Marathon HSZ

Walking is a sport discipline that forms a link between hiking and running. Rhythmic and active use of the arms and a higher step frequency distinguish walking. Walking is a soft, joint-friendly endurance sport with a particularly positive and performance-enhancing effect on the cardiovascular system.


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Uwe Bollmann




Target Group and Prerequisites

Walking is a sport discipline primarily targeted towards people who want to regularly move their bodies and are looking for a useful type of movement for recreation and health.

Content and Objectives

After you gather initial experience with walking you are able to individually set the duration, intensity, and scope of the walking. This is supported with an introduction to techniques in power walking, hill walking, and walking with weights. The hour is bookended by special functional exercises targeted towards walking. The strain can be well controlled in the intensity areas, where aerobic endurance is improved.

Sports Facilities

Meeting Point: Waldschenke, Lütticher Straße 340, Aachen


We recommend wearing good, suitable running shoes and clothing appropriate for all weather conditions.

Organizational Information

Public transportation connections: Line 2, H10, or 24, H1 from Aachen Bushof to Aachen Waldschenke.
Parking is available on site.