Nordic Walking

  Nordic walkers outside HSZ

The concept of Nordic Walking was developed using the summer training plan for skiiers in Finland. Nordic Walking is an endurance sport with specially designed poles. When the poles are correctly used, training with a cyclical movemement pattern develops, during which the muscles in the upper body are also engaged.


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Uwe Bollmann




Basic Information

Target Group and Prerequisites

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to be introduced to and learn Nordic walking.

Content and Objectives

Participants will learn the correct movement pattern, which includes pole grip, correct use of poles and body, diagonal steps, and mountain techniques. Further important basics for your own walking practice include tips on suitable equipment and clothing; special warm-up, stretching and strengthening exercises; and finding your own optimal distance and walking speed.

Sports Facilities

Waldstadion, Hangeweiher


Footwear and clothing appropriate for the terrain and weather are highly recommended. Shoes should allow the foot to roll, cushion impact, and control movement in a stable and controlled manner. Generally walking shoes or lightweight trekking or running shoes with a good sole profile. At the beginning Nordic walking poles are available in a limited number. You are only required to have your own Nordic walking poles over the course.

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