Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Authorized individuals include members and affiliates of RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen. Other individuals can participate, with some restrictions, as a guest by purchasing the guest card. Students from other universities are authorized to participate at University Sports without booking a guest card. These individuals' are generally eligible as long as they have completed the age of 16. Students from other universities do not need to purchase the guest card.

When registering, you must provide documentation that you are authorized to participate. You can present either an enrollment certificate from a university or an employee ID and a picture ID. You must always carry appropriate identification for courses that do not require registration. You must present suitable ID and authorization to course instructors or other authorized individuals when requested.

What does it cost to participate at University Sports?

Many of the offers are free of charge and can be attended without prior registration. If there is no special registration information given for a sport discipline, just come to the first class. There are also courses, which charge or fee or which require a semester card. Employees and guests always need a semester card in order to participate in University Sports offers.

How do I register?

The current Leporello and homepage of the University Sports Center provide information about the registration process for the respective semester. Participants must register to complete a binding online booking, during which you committ to paying the fee displayed. Print out the registration confirmation and bring it to the first class. Instructors will check to make sure each participant is authorized.

How can I save my registration information?

Participants can now use a simplified online registration by creating a password at the end of the registration. In the future, they can log in to University Sports using their personal email address and this password. Once you log in, all of your personal registration information will appear.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, fill out the registration form again during your next booking and select a new password.

Information About the Semester Card System

There is no general semester card allowing you to participate in all sports at University Sports at RWTH Aachen. We have chosen a special semester card system based on the sport disciplines, in order to make participation more affordable. To read the respective regulation for the sport that interests you, go to that sport's page under Sports Activities.

I lost my registration confirmation or I forgot to print it. - What now?

Don't worry, you are still registered. After registering, you automatically receive a confirmation email containing all the important information. To be safe, you can save the HTML page on your computer. You can also request a confirmation in our Service Point later on or request to have the link sent to you via email.

Can I also buy a semester card in the middle of the semester?

You can purchase a semester card on the University Sports Center website at any time during the current semester. Semester cards are only valid for one semester!

Why do I need to provide my email address?

When you provide your email address, we can quickly inform you about courses with spaces that have become available, additional offers, course changes, course cancellations, and similar information. Please note: Please provide a valid email address and make sure you type it correctly

How can I find out if a class has been cancelled?

You can find detailed information about nonscheduled and scheduled course cancellations on our homepage under the menu item Cancellations and Changes.

I don't want any info emails from the University Sports Center. - What do I do?

Just send a short to our Service Point team and we will immediately delete your email address.

How can I reverse my entry?

In principle, cancellations can only occur in written form, primarily by email. Please pay attention to our cancellation rules in our participation conditions and if necessary to our regulation of use of the respective sports complex.

How much does the cancellation of a booked course cost?

A processing fee of five percent of the booking fee is charged for every cancellation, that is at least five Euros; the processing fee is calculated with the cancellation fee.

Card Reductions - How/When?

We cannot provide any individual discounts. A number of the semester cards go on sale for 50 percent of the original price seven weeks before the program ends. You can find more detailed information on the pages about the respective semester cards.

How do I enter the Sportkomplex Ahornstraße and Sporthalle Eckertweg?

Each of these facilities is accessed via a turnstyle or revolving door. In both cases, you may only access the facility after previously registering for a course and bringing a printed copy of the valid registration confirmation. Hold the barcode to the scanner. It is also possible to scan the barcode from a mobile device.

If you have a RWTH BlueCard or FH card that is registered in the HSZ Service Point, you do not need a printed registration confirmation. Using the card's registered barcode, our system immediately recognizes whether you have a valid booking in your name. Please note: If you have exchanged your card, you must re-register it with the HSZ.

Do I need to register for every course held at Ahornstraße or Eckertweg?

All courses held at Ahornstraße or Eckertweg require registration as you cannot otherwise pass through the turnstyle. Please note that you need to re-register every week for Aqua Fitness and Circle Training. You do not need to print out the registration confirmation each time. Just print out the confirmation once. You do, however, need to register each time.

What possibilities do the RWTH BlueCard and FH card offer?

The RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen student IDs and the FH Aachen employee ID can be used when access to University Sports is being controlled. Holders of the BlueCard or FH card have the possibility to register their card number in our database. This just needs to be done once and offers all participants the advantage that the booked offers from Aachen University Sports can be pulled up using the card. This means you do not need to carry your registration confirmation with you. Cards can be read at the outdoor sports facilities, indoors at Sporthalle Königshügel and at Ahornstraße, in our Service Point during opening hours. Please note: If you exchange your card, the new card number must be re-registered in our system.

I need a course overview by weekday

You can find a course overview by weekday in our Leporello, which appears at the beginning of each semester. It also includes in addition to our courses general information about the university sport and its organization.

What do I have to consider after a sport accident?

At first please check in case of a sport accident if the accident falls within the jurisdiction of the Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in North Rhine-Westphalia). For further information visit RWTH Aachen's Regulation for Aachen University Sports. The accident report needs to be handed in within three days at the Studierendenwerk.