Active Back Fitness: Alexander Technique


Target Group and Prerequisites

Introduction to the Alexander Technique "moving with ease." This workshop is targeted towards anyone who wants to switch up their usual movement patterns and learn strategies for how to move with ease.

Content and Objectives

Our current workdays are often defined by montonous movement patterns such as sitting at a desk using a computer, standing, or walking. This often lead to problems in the back, neck, and shoulders. With the Alexander Technique you will learn how to sit and stand upright and relaxed, to maintain this position over a long duration, and to conduct your everyday movements with more ease. The key is a conscious link between how you think and the movement patterns. The Alexander Technique originates from the fields of dance, music, acting, and competitive sports, where people are confronted with great mental and physical challenges. Due to its efficacy it is frequently applied in the fields of general health promotion.


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