Kitesurfing in Denmark

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May 6 to September 30, 2018

Kitesurfing in Denmark and on the Baltic Sea

Water, sun, and wind, add a kite and board and you have the ingredients for this awesome fun, nature sport in Europe's top location with ideal wind conditions. Kitesurfing offers a truly breathtaking dimension in the boardsport discipline. Due to the kite's uplift, kitesurfers experience a feeling of weightlessness. Kite School Tours has been RWTH Aachen's kite camp partner for 16 years. No previous knowledge is required; you just need to bring respect and love of nature and have fun learning something new with others, along with enjoying cooking together and bonfires together.

In our kite course we teach beginners not only theory but also practical skills like set up and take down, starting, landing, relaunch, trapeze technique, riding one-handed and "blind", body drags, water starts, riding, and coasting. Advanced individuals receive supervision while learning to ride upwind, carving jibes, switched stance, transitions, grabs, and big airs.

Arrival and Departure

Camps are held weekly from May 6 to September 30, beginning Sunday afternoons. It is possible to acquire the VDWS International Kite License. The optional additional week "Supervised Kitesurfing" is for everyone, who's heart jumps just while watching, and is the perfect choice for experienced surfers to be able to independently kitesurf after the camp.


  • Trained and certified kite surfing instructors are available four hours a day for five days and help you to ride upwind, maneuver turns, or learn the first jumps, depending on the weather.
  • You must bring a tent or camper. You can also rent a hut.

Participation Restrictions

Four people per course and 16 to 24 people per camp


  • One kiteboard instructor for every four participants
  • Course on five days for 20 hours total, four hours daily
  • Radio training
  • Carpool arrangements
  • Private liability insurance
  • Kitchens to cook together in
  • Housing directly on site
  • A reserved day in case of no wind: If it is not possible to teach due to weather on multiple days, we will provide lessons on Saturday for free.
  • Materials are available all day for seven days

Location 1

Saaler Bodden on the Baltic Sea

Location 2

Dänemark Nissumfjord, many square kilometeres of tideless shallow water with the most ideal wind conditions in Europe for standing sports; camping ground with a swimming pool and sauna on a 500 meter wide stretch of land between the fjord and the North Sea.


  • Per week for students: 295 Euros
  • 88 Euros for the campsite costs
  • Approximately 40 Euros for joint cooking and eating
  • It is also possible to book a hut, 290 to 600 Euros for four to six people

Further Information and Booking

The course organizer is Tobias Althoff. For more information and to book, call him at 0179 5102925. You can just let it ring and Tobias will call back immediately. You can also write an .