Fascial Training


Fascial Training is a targeted training, aimed at stimulating the muscular connective tissue, the fasciae, and thereby reducing muscular tension and pain. To this end, various materials will be worked with, particularly the fascial role (Blackroll).





Cord Dassler




Target Group and Requirements

Fascial training is aimed at everybody, athletes and non-athletes of every age, who would like to get to know and better assess their bodies again.

Under the following circumstances, the fasciae should only be trained with caution and after consultation of a doctor: Osteoporosis, acute intervertebral disc damage, acute inflammation, thrombosis, high blood pressure, soft tissue rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, Cancer/metastasis formation

Contents and Goals

Articular and organ capsules, Aponeurosis, intermuscular septums, ligaments, tendons and “the actual fasciae”, in the form of firm flat layers of connective tissue all belong to the collagenous connective tissue and as such also to the all-encompassing term fascia. Just like our muscles they require different and regular stimulation through training. Participants of the course will be shown how, through regular and targeted everyday training, to improve their movability and quality of movement and reduce the tensions and pain caused, for example, by constant sitting. The fascial training is inspired by the concept of Painfree Fascia®, but is supplemented, as required, by elements of other training concepts from the area of mobility.

Special Participation Requirements

Courses for employees are aimed exclusively at employees of Aachen’s universities and members of group 2 according to the conditions of participation. The Employee Sports Card is required for participation.