Course Organisation


Time Sheet

The time sheet serves the invoicing of courses or offers carried out.
The forms of the current and previous semester are available for download at the bottom of the page. The time sheet must be handed in after contract end by the 15. of the following month.


Short Notice Cancellation – Emergency Contact Number

Emergency contact numbers for course instructors outside the opening hours of the service point

Short Notice Absence of course instructors can be reported by telephone to the sportwarte. This report by telephone may only be carried out under the following conditions:
1. The absence arose within an hour of the start of the course or work.
2. The absence occurred outside the opening hours of the service point.
3. No replacement was found.

The report does not replace the info-email sent to the participants via the service point.

Emergency Contact Number

Königshügel Sports Hall, Königshügel Stadium, Ahornstraße Sports Hall, Eckertweg Sports Hall
+49 151 14042585

Emergency Contact Times

Monday to Thursday: 6:30 to 10:30pm
Friday: 5 to 10:30pm
Weekends and bank holidays: all-day

Tasks of Course Instructors

1. depending on job location, call the emergency number and cancel (within an hour beforecourse or work start)
2. Inform the participants via the service point
3. Notify the service point by email.


Sports Injuries of Participants in Instructed Courses

Should a participant in one of your courses be injured, then the accident report available for download below must be filled in. This applies only if the injured person has student status and their injury occured while participating in an instructed course.