We are Moving Forward - Numerous Construction Projects are Pending

View of Königshügel Copyright: © M2 Brothers

"We are moving forward"Numerous construction projects await Aachen University Sports Center. The central project is the planned demolition of the Königshügel sports hall complex in the summer semester and, as a result, the construction of an interim building in the Königshügel stadium starting in February, which will allow sports programs to continue until the new Königshügel hall is completed.


In order to continue to maintain a diverse and varied offer, there will be a local and temporal shift in many offers. We kindly ask for your understanding that we will have to rely on interim solutions during the prolonged process. We will provide up-to-date information on the ongoing construction processes and resulting program changes on our website. As of 18.01.2023, the first measure on the cinder track in the Königshügel stadium will be the construction of a drainage trench. From this time on, there will be restrictions on this sports facility. We ask for your understanding for the short notice of the measure. The University Sports Center itself only received information about the start of the construction work from the BLB at short notice.

You can find current information about the required outages and changes on our website. Here you are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list as well.