German University Sports Federation


The German University Sports Federation, adh for short, is the umbrella organization of the its member universities and their university sports institutions. It represents their interests and is committed to the development of university sports. The adh works at the cross-section of sport and education. It considers social and political relationships when fulfilling its responsibilities. The adh actively works in the field of organized sport both nationally and internationally.

The most important adh committees are equally composed of students and fulltime university sports employees. This mix is equally reflected on the adh executive board. Over 190 universities with their 2.4 million students and 550,000 employees are members of the adh. The adh focuses its work on the fields of national and international competitive sport and on continuing and further education.

The adh office is located in Dieburg. On behalf of the member universities, the board, and the committees it organizes and shapes a partnership network of science, sport, politics, and industry while simultaneously supporting hobby and competitive sport. As a service provider it also support university sports institutions with expanding the quantity and quality of their offers. It orients its services based on the needs of the member universities and the addressees of the federation's offers.

As part of our membership in the adh we hold a German university championship annually. You can find further information on our event pages.