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ALMA is a Euregional collaborative network between the four university towns of Aachen, Liège, Maastricht, and Hasselt/Diepenbeek. The collaboration began in November 1991, with the signing of the ALMA cooperative agreement by the universities of Aachen, Liège, and Maastricht. Hasselt joined the network a year later as an associate member. ALMA's primary objective is to promote exchange in education, research, and service.

The four universities are well aware of their special and unique geographic location in the Euroregion. Based on this location, where multiple European cultures and languages meet in a small space, the ALMA universities want to use their collaboration to contribute to Europe's further development. As a result intensive exchange has taken place among the four locations since 1991. The University Sports Center maintains its relationships with the ALMA partners through multiple meetings each year. A good example of the collaboration is the annual ALMA Snow Event in Landgraaf. You can find more informatino about this event on our event page.