Active studying – studying moves! 2.0


Active Study Breaks – More Energy for Mind and Body

The project “Active Study Breaks – More Energy for Mind and Body” pursues the goal of the promotion of the health of the students of RWTH Aachen. The lecture-free periods are characterised in students’ everyday life by revision-intensive exam phases, during which they spend in sedentary, rigid and concentrated positions, often under enormous time pressure and stress. This one-sided strain can lead to damage to postures and physical ailments, such as muscular tension and and headaches.

This is what the “Active Study Breaks – More Energy for Mind and Body” aim to tackle by inviting students to practice more physical activity, relaxation and mobilisation together in small groups.

A successful pilot project for “active study breaks” was previously carried out in the summer semester 2019 in cooperation with the mechanical engineering faculty. The positive feedback of the students encouraged the HSZ further develop the offer and permanently maintain the active study breaks beyond the end of the project.

The physical activity program is to be made available to students at selected learning hotspots across the scattered RWTH Aachen University campus. The goal is to enable students to be able to return to their studies more concentrated, alert and receptive after participation in the physical activity program. For this varied movement-oriented program, a cargo bike, loaded with equipment and games, the so-called “Vitality Bike” is employed.

After participating in the active study break, the students always have the chance to submit their feedback and wishes for the further development of health-promotion measures – The dialogue with students as well as student participation in the “SHM at RWTH Aachen University” is an important part of the project.

Those interested can contact Alexandra Türk, the project manager, for further information.