Information for Instructors


The RWTH Aachen University Sports Center is an educational and service institution for the Aachen universities. The instructors are our most important partners in the implementation of our work. Instructors can find further information here in order to maintain or even improve the high quality of our course offerings.


How to become an instructor

The University Sports Center is continually looking for dedicated and qualified instructors for university sports.


Every instructor job is preceded by an interview with the supervising sports instructor. In this personal interview, the sports instructor will clarify many questions about working as an instructor for university sports in Aachen. A summary of the most important organizational requirements can be found on this website.

Chairperson system

As elected representatives of the university sports participants, the chairpersons work on a voluntary basis for the interests of their sport and form the link between the sports participants and instructors, the sports department (SR) and the HSZ. They are involved in the planning of the sports program, supervise the competition teams, and are a co-determination body in university sports.


Leading sports classes

Organizational information for the management of sports classes in university sports in Aachen.

Selfservice access

Seven days before the start of the class, the instructor receives a personal link by e-mail. This link activates the SelfService access in our booking system. This function allows direct access to the participants list, to send messages to the participants, and to manually enter the number of participants for each course session.

SelfService e-mail function

The e-mail distribution list of the SelfService access is an official communication channel of the HSZ for instructors to their participants. Only messages that are directly organizationally related to the class are to be transmitted via the SelfService access.

The following positive list contains many examples of contents that can be communicated via the SelfService access. Any other content not listed here requires consultation with the supervising sports instructor.

  • Course cancelations
  • Substitutions
  • Link group chat
  • Information on equipment
  • Teaching material
  • Organizational information
  • Required equipment
  • Meeting points

Selfservice participation statistics

For all classes, the number of participants must be entered in Selfservice. The statistics compiled on this basis, among others, are important for the future planning of university sports. If the number of participants in current courses is declining, please consult with the supervising sports instructor.

Access sports facility

Since there is a certain fluctuation among the supervisory staff, you must also identify yourself at the entrance to the halls without being asked to do so (Blue Card or semester card for instructors with photo ID). We ask you to set a good example. This includes being respectful and friendly to the supervising staff at all times and, of course, obeying all rules that also apply to the participants: Always have clean indoor shoes with you and only put them on in the hall and bring/use a towel (if required for the sport).

Changing times

Between each course unit there are five minutes, which are explicitly a pure changing time. This means that no sports activities (including set-up and dismantling or music) may take place during this time. This time is exclusively for the participants to leave or enter the hall. It is your responsibility as an instructor to move the participants out or in punctually during these five minutes. Only in this way is it possible for you and your course to have the full 55 or 85 minutes of course time available.

Eligibility and verification

The general eligibility for university sports is regularly checked by the sports staff and by other persons authorized by us. However, since university sports takes place at many different locations, this control can never be complete. Therefore, we depend on your help - especially for courses that take place outside the university's own sports facilities. All instructors are authorized and required to check the eligibility for university sports.
Verification always requires the presentation of photo identification and a valid card, ID, and confirmation of registration.


In order to ensure regular classes, the instructors are obliged to organize a suitable substitute in case of illness or vacation and to inform the supervising sports instructor by e-mail at .

Cancelations at short notice - emergency contact number

Short-term cancelations of instructors can be reported by telephone to the sports staff.
This notification by telephone can only be made under the following conditions:

  1. The cancelation is only necessary up to one hour before the course or work starts.
  2. The cancelation takes place beyond the opening hours of the Service Point.
  3. No substitute has been found.

The notification does not replace the information e-mail via Selfservice to the participants.

Emergency contact number: +49 151 14042585

Sports facilities:                     Sporthalle Königshügel, Stadion Königshügel,
                                              Sporthalle Ahornstraße, Sporthalle Eckertweg, Königshügel outdoor sports facilities.

Emergency contact hours:              Monday to Thursday: 6:30pm to 10:30pm

                                                       Friday 5pm to 10:30pm

                                                       Weekend and public holiday: All day

Course cancelations and closures

We inform about hall closures or sports field closures and resulting course cancellations by e-mail via a special e-mail distribution list, in which the participants must register themselves. Instructors must also register themselves in the e-mail distribution list and are asked to inform the participants in their courses via the e-mail distribution list function! The link to the e-mail distribution list and all course cancelations and closures can be found on our website under Sports/Cancelations and Changes.

Equipment and sports facilities

Sports facilities and sports equipment:

If you notice any deficiencies in the sports facilities - this includes unclean sports halls - please report this immediately to your supervising sports instructor and/or the responsible sports warden.

Report defects:

You should also report any defective equipment or media (audio equipment, headset, etc.). Please use the yellow notices in the sports halls. When using sports and play equipment, it is necessary that you check the return and storage. Always discuss material procurement requests with the supervising sports instructor.


Expense allowance, contract, and billing

The basis of the work as an instructor at Aachen university sports is the contract for instructors. On the basis of this contract, the billing is done and the expense allowance is transferred, after the end of the term.

Expense allowance

Aachen university sports aims to offer a high-quality and cost-effective sports program for all students and employees of the Aachen universities. For this purpose, we are looking for motivated and qualified instructors. The basis for the amount of the expense allowance in the Aachen university sports is the qualification. The structure of the allowance is as follows:



Sports meetings

supervising and generally instructing function without teaching activity. For example running groups or basketball matches; Independent of qualification and previous experience

6 euros per 60 minutes


Learning and skill-oriented guided activities

Without formal qualification and less than 12 months of instructor activity in university sports

9 euros per 60 minutes

Without formal qualification

and more than 12 months of experience as a university sports instructor

10 euros per 60 minutes

Coach / trainer

Coach D or instructor D

11 euros per 60 minutes

Coach C or instructor C

12 euros per 60 minutes

Coach B or instructor B and higher education levels

14 euro per 60 minutes

Learning- and skill-oriented guided offers with higher expense allowance due to market conditions

In some sports, instructors may receive a higher expense allowance due to market conditions.

Special expenses

If special expenses are incurred in the sports, these are compensated separately.

For further information on the compensation of expenses in the sports, please contact the respective supervising sports instructor.


Your supervising sports instructors are responsible for drawing up the contracts. Please inform us immediately of any changes in your personal data. The contracts are issued per course, the contract duration corresponds to the course duration. We recommend that you keep the contracts! This can be important in view of possible discrepancies in the accounts or in case of inquiries by the tax office.

The contract partner - RWTH Aachen University - is obligated to report your instructor expense allowance to the responsible tax office.


The billing of your instructor activity is done via a written time sheet, since it is an expense allowance. For each individual course a time sheet must be kept!

Form download:

You can download the current forms from our website in the download area under University Sports Center/Information for Instructors/DOWNLOADS. Time sheets must be turned in to the Service Point immediately after the end of the course, dropped in the HSZ mailbox at the entrance to the HSZ, or emailed to .

Final Billing:

Final billing will occur upon completion of the course and submission of the completed time sheet including participant counts. The time sheet must be submitted to the HSZ immediately after the end of the contract and no later than the 15th of the following month, otherwise billing will not be possible.

Payment notice:

The expense allowance will be transferred to your account by the university treasury of RWTH Aachen University. In addition, you will receive a copy of the statement by mail. If necessary, the university administration will send you a remittance advice by e-mail. If you have any questions regarding the payment amount, please wait for the copy of the statement, as many questions will be answered automatically. Otherwise, please contact: with any billing questions. Please keep the postal statement for tax or other purposes. If the expense allowance paid to you in one year exceeds 1,500 euros, you will automatically receive a total statement from the university at the beginning of the following year.

Report to the tax office:

Expense allowances of 1,500 euros or more in a calendar year must be reported and are automatically reported to the tax office by the university. At the same time as you notify the tax office, you will receive a document for your records. If you do not have a document, please contact the university's accounts payable department directly at: . A document will not be issued for amounts less than 1,500 euros in a calendar year.

Tax allowance:

According to § 3 para. 26 of the German Income Tax Act (EStG), the remuneration of instructors is considered an expense allowance and is exempt from tax and social security contributions up to 3,000 euros per year (Status 2021).


Accident report

Should a participant be injured in your course, or should you injure yourself, it is imperative that you follow the two different procedures for reporting accidents.

Accident participants

In case of accidents during supervised university sports, all students are covered by the accident insurance of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia; staff members only in very specific cases.

Report accidents!

It is important that the person who has had an accident fills out an accident report form (of different types for students and for staff) and sends it to the Studierendenwerk Aachen within two days (for address, see report form).

Accident report forms:

Accident report forms are available at the sports wardens of the sports hall Königshügel, at the Service Point of the HSZ, at the sports department as well as on the internet as a download at University Sports Center/Information for instructors/Course organization/DOWNLOADS/Accidet Report Studierendenwerk. Beyond that, there is no insurance for all other participations. Therefore, participants are recommended to cover possible residual risks with private insurance.

Excerpt from the Aachen University Sports Regulations: According to the current status, students of RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences are covered by accident insurance through the accident insurance fund of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) if they participate in events that take place within the organized sports activities of the HSZ during fixed times and under the direction of a designated instructor. Accident reports must be filed within three days. Reporting forms are available from the sports wardens in the Königshügel sports hall complex, via the HSZ internet portal, at the HSZ Service Point and in the sports department. Employees of RWTH Aachen University are legally insured against accidents when participating in university sports only if events are advertised exclusively for RWTH employees and are directly connected to daily working hours (weekend events and extra tours are explicitly excluded). In the case of civil servants, an accident in the context of university sports is usually not considered an occupational accident. There is no entitlement to accident insurance. Private insurance coverage is therefore strongly recommended for all employees. Insofar as accidents occur in the context of staff sports, these must be reported immediately to the RWTH Safety Department. There is no accident insurance for all persons not listed under 9.5 and 9.6. Private insurance coverage is therefore strongly recommended. Note: The statements regarding accident insurance coverage are not binding, as the responsibility for this lies with the Unfallkasse NRW.

Accident instructors

In case of a sports accident in the context of the instructor activities in the Aachen university sports, please contact the sports department of the student body at RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen University. The sports department has concluded an accident insurance for instructors. Accidents during instructor activities are not insured by the state accident insurance.

The HSZ cooperates with the Clinic for Accident and Reconstructive Surgery in the University Hospital Aachen. Within the framework of this cooperation we would like to draw your attention to the range of services offered by the sports traumatology section and minimally invasive joint surgery. The clinic offers special consultation hours in the field of sports injuries. An overview of the offer as well as the contact possibilities are summarized on the flyer.


Advanced Training

The advanced training of our instructors is very important to us, which is why we support you in the acquisition and improvement of competencies related to university sports and so-called soft skills.
For specific training projects, please contact the responsible supervising sports instructor.

Subsidies for advanced training

Funding principles

The funding of advanced training measures is intended to further the qualification of instructors and thus to ensure the quality of university sports events. Instructors are to be supported in the improvement of competencies related to university sports and so-called soft skills. No measures are supported that lead to higher compensation for expenses. The University Sports Center allocates an amount per year in its budget for the subsidization of advanced training for exercise instructors. In the period from January 1 to June 30 of a year, a maximum of 50 percent of the budget can be spent; in the second half of the year, a maximum of the remaining available amount can be spent. Each instructor will receive a subsidy for an educational activity outside of the university no more than twice per year.


The application for a subsidy for participation in an advanced training measure must be submitted in writing to the University Sports Service Point or directly to the supervising sports instructor. The application form can be downloaded from our webpage under University Sports Center/Information for Instructors/Downloads. The application must always be accompanied by the announcement of the event.


It is recommended to submit the written application as early as possible. Applications can also be submitted after a successfully completed measure, but the complete application with all supporting documents must be submitted no later than six weeks after the measure.

Scope of the subsidy

The decision about a subsidy is made by the supervising sports teacher and the head of the University Sports Center. The subsidy refers only to the costs shown as course fees. Costs such as accommodation, travel or meals are not reimbursed. Usually, 50% of the course costs can be reimbursed, however, a maximum amount of 75 euros.

Educational offers adh, LK NRW: A special regulation applies to educational offers of the German University Sports Federation or the NRW State Conference for University Sports. For these educational offers, 100 percent of the course fee but a maximum of 100 euros can be reimbursed.


Approved subsidies will be paid out to active instructors of the HSZ six months after successful participation in the advanced training course. All costs incurred must be documented by original receipts with stamp or bank statement as well as original invoices at the end of the measure. In the event of non-participation, any costs incurred will be borne by the applicant.


First Aid

Instructors of university sports in Aachen are obligated to prove that they have completed at least eight units of training as a first aider.


Registration for these courses is reserved exclusively for HSZ instructors!
First aid courses of the HSZ

Substitute proofs

Training as a paramedic is recognized, but must not date back more than two years. If the training dates back more than two years, evidence of advanced training must be provided. Frequent involvement in relief efforts at events is not sufficient.

For medical students, the compulsory internship during studies is also recognized if it does not date back more than two years.


Special use sports facilities

In special cases, such as competition preparation, rehearsals for performances, or advanced training for instructors, you can also request sessions in addition to the regular university sports program for your sport after consulting with the supervising sports instructor. There is no charge for this special booking. Events lasting longer than two hours must be applied for using the application form.


Own events

If a sport is planning to host its own university sports event, early coordination with the responsible sports instructor is required. The event must be applied for in writing to the University Sports Center and the Sports Department with the appropriate application form at least six months before the planned date, but no later than July 31 of the previous year.


Co-determination bodies

The co-determination bodies in university sports are the chairpersons and the joint sports department of RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen University.


ASS-Car Sponsoring

Since October 2005, instructors of university sports Aachen have been able to lease cars from ASS at a greatly reduced price thanks to a cooperation between the German University Sports Federation and the company. You can read more about this in the document ASS Vehicle Sponsoring for University Sports. The current prices and the application form can be found on the ASS website. When applying, you must select the option "German University Sports Federation" under "sport/professional association" and the option "instructor" under "Function I"!