Information for Instructors


Special Deal

Instructors can purchase a handtowel for shower for eight Euros. Your respective sports instructor can provide you wtih password necessary to purchase the towel.


The RWTH University Sports Center an an educational and service institution for the Aachen universities. The instructors are our most important partners in the implementation of our work. Instructors can find further information here in order to maintain or even improve the high quality of our course offerings.

Special Use of Sports Facilities

In special cases such as competition preparations, tests for performances, or further eduation for instructors, you can request dates in addition to the regular dates for your sport in the University Sports program. You must speak with the supervising instructor first. This special use is free of charge. Events lasting longer than two hours must be requested using the application form.

Sport-Specific Events

If a sport disipline is planning to hold its own university sport event, you must get the approval of the responsible instructor in advance. The event must be proposed in writing to the University Sports Center and the sports department with the corresponding application form at least six months before the planned date and no later than July 31 of the year preceeding the event.

Co-Determination Bodies

The representatives and entire sports department of RWTH and FH Aachen are co-determination bodies in University Sports.

ASS Car Sponsoring

Aachen University Sports instructors have been able to lease significanctly discounted cars since October 2005 through a partnership between the adh and the company ASS. You can read more about this offer in the document ASS Vehicle Sponsoring for University Sports. The current prices and the request form can be found on the ASS website. When filling out the form, you must selected "adh" under "Sportart/Berufsverband“ and "Übungsleiter" under "Funktion I."