About Us

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University Sports in Aachen is a sports, movement, and education offer for students, staff, and apprentices of RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen.


RWTH Aachen University Sports Center

The University Sports Center, HSZ for short, is a central institution at RWTH Aachen and organizes qualified sports and movements offers based on the needs of the Aachen universities. The HSZ is supported by the student Sports Department at the Aachen universities, SR for short. The SR is the elected representative body for university sports of the RWTH and FH Aachen students. The HSZ is also supported by representatives for each individual sport.

Target Groups

The HSZ organizes the service and education offers for University Sports in Aachen for the almost 67,400 members of the Aachen universities with over 15,000 participants per week. A restricted number of our offers are also open to external guests. The description for each offer states whether or not it is open to guests.

Diverse Offers

University Sports in Aachen offers almost 100 sports in over 2,000 instructed courses per year. The more than 800 qualified instructors, who are primarily students, work with great enthusiasm, supervise the individual courses, and are happy to offer advice. Additionally, twelve large events are held annually, which cover all facets of University Sports.


Our program encompasses recreational, hobby, and competitive sport as well as movement classes. We offer over 90 sports from aerobics to zumba. We differentiate between the following types of events:

  • Instructed sports courses and workshops
  • Unsupervised games and open training without instruction
  • Internal University sports groups
  • Training for competitive teams and individual competitors
  • Tournaments

Our offers are typically offered at different levels. Each page about the sport offers contains detailed information about the various levels.

Sports Facilities

Our sports facilities are centrally located and can be easily reached with public transportation. The core of University Sports is located at Königshügel with Stadion Königshügel, various sports halls, six tennis courts, a multifunctional beach facility, the RWTH GYM as fitness center, a soccer box, and an outdoor court. A sports hall complex with a swimming pool is located at Ahornstraße. Additionally, many water sports can be pursued at the Wildenhof event venue at Rursee in the Eifel.