University Sports Center Projects


The RWTH Aachen University Sports Center, HSZ for short, not only offers regular sports classes and unique events. It is also involved with skilled partners in diverse projects, which further develop university sports in Germany and Europe. By implementing various projects in the field of university sports, the HSZ intends to increase the quality of university sports offers in Germany and Europe. With its advantageous location in the Euroregion and RWTH's European orientation, the HSZ is involved in multiple international networks, in which diverse projects are conducted. Here you can find a brief overview of some of our completed and current projects. You can learn more about our partners on the page HSZ Partners.

Active Campus Europe

This project intends to construct a sustainable network throughout Europe to promote health-related sports on the campuses of the participating universities. Examples of best practices are shared among the universities and collected in a handbook. Additionally, local interventions for inactive target groups are held to get them to start moving and doing sports. Currently 16 universities from six countries are participating in the project. The project is funded through the EU sport funding programming. The project started on January 1, 2017 and has benn extended until the end of 2018. You can find more information on the project website and on the ENAS webpages.

RWTH Aktiv - Moving University

“Moving University” is a project of the University Sports Center to promote health at RWTH. It is supported by Techniker Krankenkasse . Beside the main subject area of physical activity, the project also encompasses relaxation, stress relief and diet.

The aim of the project is the sensitization towards the importance of physical activity and health in everyday (work or student) life as well as the creation of incentives for behavioral change amongst staff and students of RWTH.

The students of RWTH Aachen are the next target group to be moved into the focus of the project. Thanks to the subproject “BottomsUp”, countless initiatives to combat a sedentary lifestyle have been successfully carried out in the past. Next, the University Sports Center wishes to bring more movement into the everyday lives of students. This is to be achieved by the Student-Pausenexpress, amongst other initiatives. The newest offer, the “Vitality Bike”, will also contribute to turning RWTH Aachen University into a truly “active university”.

Promotion of Health and Prevention for Students and Employees Through Sport and Movement

Together with the partner university institutions the Universities of Potsdam, Paderborn, and Wuppertal, the project "Promotion of Health and Prevention for Students and Employees Through Sport and Movement" was conducted between February 2009 and February 2011 with the support of the Federal Ministry of Health. The goal of the project was to motivate students and employees at universities to autonomously look after and care for their health and to guide them accordingly. Movement offers ensured for a healthy equalier to offset the typically stagnant academic day. You can find further information and the project report on the In Form website.