Financing of University Sports in Aachen

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Aachen's University Sports offer a diverse and varied high quality program with over 100 different sports on offer. Simultaneously, the many wishes of participants, single date and subscription booking, for example, are respected. The program is financed by the financial resources of the State of NRW, through financial means of RWTH and FH Aachen, as well as those of the student body and in significant parts through course fees.

When calculating course fees, a variety of factors is taken into account. Among these are: Length of the course offer, number of participants, compensation of course instructors, material costs, differentiation of offer types and a flat fee to cover overheads.

The fee structure allows the University Sports Center (HSZ) to offer an attractive program, to maintain and expand it, as well as secure it for the future. Our course instructors receive fair, qualifications-based compensation. Self-financed sports facilities like the RWTH GYM, Königshügel SOCCERBOX and beach sport facility, for example, are also financed, maintained and expanded with course fees.

This form of financing allows the HSZ to carry on offering a free program. A sports class is free of charge when it is:

  • unsupervised
    • or supervised but no teaching or coaching is taking place and it is outside of Prime Time. Prime Time includes all classes from Monday to Thursday with a starting time of 5pm to 9:30pm, Fridays from 5pm to 8:30pm, Saturdays starting at 1pm, and Sundays.

The steering committee for RWTH Aachen University Sports welcomes the form of financing for Aachen's University Sports. The student bodies (AStA, sports committee of the student bodies and the sports representatives of the student bodies oProgram and Booking Structure for University Sports in Aachenf RWTH and FH Aachen) were involved in the process.