Terms and Conditions


Who can participate?

All participating runners and visitors of the Campuslauf may participate. Employees of the University Sports Center are excluded from participation.

Start & End of the Competition

The competition begins with the start of the event at 3pm. Pictures can be uploaded until 7:40pm, when the competition ends.

Exact Description of the Prize

The three best pictures receive a prize: First prize is a year’s subscription to the e-bike sharing service VeloCity (Further information to the rental system can be found under velocity-aachen.de). Additionally participants can win one of two tours for two people each, through the historic premises of Aachen’s gothic city hall.

Description of Requirements placed upon participating photos

By participating in the hashtag initiative, participants confirm, that the people placed in the foreground of the picture have consented. Additionally, participants accept and consent, that the Campuslauf as an event is shown, and doesn’t focus on individual people. This ensures, that portrait rights after § 22 KUG are not violated or fall under the exemption status of § 23 I, Nr. 3 KUG.

Description of the announcement of the winners

Winners will be announced during the prize-giving ceremony after about 8:10pm.

Rules after which the winners are determined

The winning photos and thereby the winners of the initiative will be determined by a jury consisting of a representative of the University Sports Center, the Student Sport Services, the team of VeloCity Aachen and the City Hall team. The criteria after which the pictures will be judged are creativity, image aesthetics and relation to the Campuslauf and/or the sport of running.

Rules determining how the winner receives their prize

The prizes are awarded at the prize-giving ceremony. Should the participant not be present at the prize-giving ceremony, then they will be informed by a message over Instagram. They can then pick up their prize at the University Sports Center during opening hours.

Data Protection Notice

The University Sports Center receives the rights to the picture only in relation to the contest, therefore only to announce the winners during the prize-giving ceremony. Any potential further use of the image will subsequently be discussed with the affected parties.


RWTH Aachen University is not liable for violation by participants against the rights of others to the pictures uploaded by the participants. RWTH Aachen University emphasizes, that it does not claim ownership over the content uploaded by the participants for participation in the contest.