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Registration will be open from March 1. You can register for one of the three runs. If you only want to run the relay or the FunRun, you can also run the FitnessRun afterwards, since the FitnessRun takes place later than the other two runs. Only the participation in the FunRun and the relay run is not possible, because they take place at the same time.

You can find the registration link on the main page of the RWTH Campuslauf.

To register a team for the FunRun or FitnessRun, all participants must register individually and enter the exact identical name in the "Team name" column. All registrations with the identical team name will then be assigned to one team. You can compare the correctness of the registration on the basis of the registration confirmations that each runner receives after registration.
The size of the team is unlimited, but a team must consist of at least 4 people. The numerically largest team (measured by the number of finishers) will even receive a special prize: the FuFah Honorary Prize.
With the RWTH Campuslauf we want to focus on the team spirit and that is why we decided on this concept.

Since each team member has to register individually for the FunRun/FitnessRun, the team does not have to be in the final composition at the first registration. Each new registration that mentions the same team name will be added to the team.


There is no parking at the start, finish, or along the race route. For security purposes, there is a temporary stopping restriction, for which there are also signs. Vehicles that ignore the restriction will be towed at the owners' costs. Information about the access can be found here: Access and Parking

Race Results

Race results can be viewed immediately after the run at the info booth. They are also published under Race Results the day after the event.


Visitors are asked not to park their bikes in the finish area but rather in a special bike parking lot. We ask that you do not lock your bike to the barriers during or after the event. These will be taken down and removed directly after the event.

Fairness and Consideration

We ask all runnters to start in their assigned corral and to be considerate towards others during the race.

Net Timing

Participants' net time is measured. Individual time keeping begins once a participant crosses the starting line.

Emergency Contact

Address labels are available at bib pick up. Participants can enter a contact person and phone number in case of an emergency and stick the label to the back of the race bib.

Awards and Honors

The award ceremony will be right after the run. The principle of RWTH Aachen University and the FH Aachen will do the honors.

Award Ceremony and Certificates

The award ceremony will be performed consecutively after the respective runs on the stage. First, second, and third best runners as well as the numerical best teams are honored. All finishers will get a certificate containing their running time and the relay teams will get the team’s time. You can collect your certificate after your run at the TK-building on the day of the event and after the event at home via the Race Results.

Athletic Health

By registering, every participant confirms that they are in good athletic health. The University Sports Center does not conduct medical checks. We recommend all participants actively train.

Bib Numbers

You are not allowed to give your bib to someone else. Only the registered individual is eligible to participate. Ineligible participants will be disqualified.

Relay race

The registered sequence of runners in the relay race cannot be changed after the registration.


Cancelations and rebookings are not possible!

Bag Drop-Off

Bags can be left on site. You just need the registration piece titled "Taschenabgabe" and not your bib number. Bag drop-off is staffed from 3pm until 8:30pm at the latest.

Team Ranking

In the FunRun and the FitnessRun there will be team rankings. Teams contain at least four people. You can form mixed teams (man and woman). The numerical best team of all the competitions (only finisher count, no double starts possible!) wins the special Klenkes Trophy of the “Förderverein des Aachener Hochschulsports FuFah”.

On top of the team rankings, there will be a separate relay valuation.

Changing Rooms and Showers

Unfortunately, there are no changing rooms or showers available on the race grounds.

Changes to Registrations

Participants are not allowed to change their registration on the day of the event.

Event Organizer

The event is organized by the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center.

Insurance Cover

There is no insurance cover when participating in events. This is different to other university sport offers. That is why we do highly recommend a private insurance!

Photographs and Film Recordings

The RWTH Aachen University Sports Center reserves the right to take photographs and make film recordings during the event for its own publicity and information purposes. By signing up for or purchasing admission to the event, participants agree to this use. Due to administrative reasons, those who object to this must raise their objection with the by email within one week after the end of the event.

Notice on the Event Premises

The erection of pavilions (or similar) by participants, spectators, or relatives is not permitted on the event site. Furthermore, it is requested that any form of branding, bannering, and advertising measures be coordinated with the event management, even if this takes place on the company's own or private premises.

Preparation and Preparatory Courses

We recommend all runners both, to actively train and consume enough liquids. Additionally, they should not push past physical limits at high temperatures and make sure to warm up sufficiently before starting.

Good preparation is needed to be fit for the RWTH Campuslauf. The HSZ offers different preparation courses, which you can register for on our website.