Cyr wheel performers Copyright: © University Sports Center  

The first predecessor of the current University Sports Show was held in 1973 under the name "University Winter Sports Festival." However, because the performances in the winter were mostly by the sports teaching training students, the event was soon renamed University Sports Show. Even though the show attribute of the event was in the background, the event established itself as an evening of performances.

In 1990, a stage was erected for the first time, on which athletes could show off their acts. This was also the first year where the event was moderated. Every year more and more university sports groups from different sports disciplines participated, motivated to present their sports and to work on a show act aside from the regular course offerings. Before the show athletes are honored who have earned respect through their athletic achievements.

Thus, the former university winter sports fest slowly grew to become a show with diverse performances from University Sports. Today, the event is one of the highlights of the winter semester.