Volunteering at the University Sports Show

  Two volunteers sitting at a table Copyright: © HSZ

We depend on volunteers to help us put on our events. The University Sports Show is only possible with volunteer involvement and offers exciting opportunities to gain skills for later employment.

You can help us in the following areas:

Before the show:

  • Program planning in agreement with the supervising sports instructor and, in some cases, directing. This can also be conducted within the framework of a long-term internship.
  • Training and support for the performing groups
  • On the day before the event there will be a meeting with all volunteers in the sports hall at 18, every question can be discussed there.

The day of the show:

  • Admission: 5 to 10pm, in shifts
  • Stewards for the stands: 5 to 10pm, alternating
  • Stewards in the gymnasium: 5 to 10pm, alternating
  • Beverage sales and catering: 5 to 10:30pm, in shifts

University Sports Center employees will provide assistance in all areas.

Why volunteer?

First and foremost, volunteers get to experience one of the largest university sports events in Aachen live and up close - including behind the scenes!

Additionally, you acquire further skills in teamwork and organization. Each volunteer will receive a certificate from the University Sports Center confirming their work as a volunteer. This documents your work and skills within the framework of volunteer work for the University Sports Center.