Letters of Greeting


Letter of Greeting of the Head of RWTH Aachen University Sports to the Lousberglauf 2020

Dear students and runners

One of the most popular sporting events in Aachen, the Lousberglauf powered by STAWAG stands immediately before. However, as with so many events this year, the Lousberglauf proper on July 1 has had to have been cancelled due to the NRW Corona Protection Ordinance. Despite this, we are determined to give our participants the opportunity to take part in this cult event in a different form. For the first time we will be organizing a "digital Lousberglauf."

The Lousberglauf will this year again be an event with professional runners and amateur running and sports enthusiasts who accept the challenge of running a 5'555m stretch of their choosing – so long as they run it by themselves and not in large groups.

I would be delighted to see as many of you as possible take part in the "digital Lousberglauf" and once again show, as always, what a cult event the Lousberglauf in Aachen is.

I wish to thank all those supporting this unique event with their participation, especially our title sponsor STAWAG. Further thanks must go the university sports centers of the universities of Cologne, Münster and Dortmund. I believe that we have succeeded in coming up with an exciting digital alternative for the NRW Unilauf-Cup.

I look forward to many motivated runners and wish everyone much fun.


Peter Lynen

Head of the University Sports Center


Letter of Greeting Kirsten Haacke, STAWAG Corporate Communication

Mrs Kirsten Haacke, STAWAG Copyright: STAWAG

Dear students and runners

The Lousberglauf is a cult event that usually takes place each July on the most famous of Aachen's home mountains. Not only full-blooded student athletes accept the challenge to take on the 5'555m course around the devilish Lousberg. Many students of Aachen's universities take part in the event at least once during their studies. Most take part just for the fun of it. For many, the event means one thing above all else: Being together is what counts! "It's taking part that counts!" is the motto. This makes the Lousberglauf one of the most popular sporting events of the region. We therefore regret the cancellation of this year's event all the more and throw our support behind an alternative: the digital Lousberglauf.

It is now all the more important to "stick at it". Sticking at it in sport and sticking with friends and acquaintances from one's private and academic environment. Although one cannot get into physical contact or physically experience and celebrate the event together, a sense of community will surely nevertheless develop over social media. To share company, experiences and commonalities is more important than ever during these trying times – also at the Lousberglauf.

We hope that as many people as possible participate. Feel supported! Have fun at THE digital running event in Aachen.

Kirsten Haacke, STAWAG Corporate Communication.