Charity Campaign


The NRW Uni-Laufcup is a charitable event. This year, participants are asked give a donation to a good cause instead of paying the starting fee. Donations are collected for Tafel NRW, who will use the money for their charitable projects.


About Tafel NRW (de)

In North Rhine-Westphalia around 2 million people live in or are at risk of living in poverty. These include the unemployed, low-income earners and seniors on low pensions. Many of these struggle to make ends meet despite their frugality, so that they have to make sacrifices in their diet. Especially fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dairy and meat become luxuries, which the affected can often ill-afford.

Simultaneously, many tons of food are destroyed in Germany every day, despite being safe to eat. Supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and weekly markets cause vast quantities of foodstuffs to fall out of economic circulation, despite being in pristine condition.

The Tafel works to collect surplus food and distribute it to the socially and economically disadvantaged.

An idea that profits everybody: The needs receive high-quality foodstuffs and the food donators take social responsibility.

Give today!

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