NRW Uni-Laufcup

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The NRW Uni-Laufcup is a running series carried out by the university sports centers of the universities of Aachen, Dortmund, Cologne, and Münster. In four runs the teams of different universities compete against one another.


Distances, Dates and Results

Intermediate / End Results Individual Ranking July 7, 2020 Team Ranking June 29, 2020
Distance Time Frame Results Individual Ranking Results Team Ranking
8 km June 8 to 14, 2020 8 km Run Single 8 km Run Team
10 km June 15 to 21, 2020 10 km Run Single 10 km Run Team
12 km June 22 to 28, 2020

12 km Run Singel

12 km Run Team
5.555 km June 29 to Juli 5 2020 5,555 km Run Singel 5,555 km Run Team


The Competition

Usually the NRW Uni-Laufcup reaches its climactic final at the Lousberglauf in Aachen. After the runs in Dortmund, Cologne and Münster the competition is usually still wide open, and it is still completely unclear which team will win. As such, the competition is exciting to the end. This exciting competition shall not be lost this year. To this end, the university sports centers of the universities of Aachen, Dortmund, Cologne, and Münster have cooperated to let the NRW Uni-Lauf Cup take place digitally.

The Runs

The runs will take place over 4 weeks, so that participants have plenty of time to cover all the distances. The concept is the same at each run: The runners cover the prescribed distances and track them with a fitness app or smart watch. Afterwards, they send their results to the organisers via the form on the Website of Dortmund University Sports.


The transmission of results is only possible during the defined time dates. Therefore, the results of each run must be transmitted separately. It is not possible to submit the data of all four runs together at the end!


Participation in all runs is open to everybody. Participation in individual runs is of course also possible.

All participants belonging to a university automatically participate in the Uni-Laufcup with their results.

Participants who complete all four runs will receive a finisher certificate by email.

After the end of each period the results will be published on the websites of the respective organizer. The final score will also be published on the sites of the four organizers. There will be a total score as well as results separated by male and female participants. Furthermore, there will be a special score separated by university location. The most successful uni-team of each run will also be announced.

Detailed information can be found in the announcement of the event.

Further information can be found on the websites of the other organisers.

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