Interview with Course Record Holder Esther Jacobitz

  Esther Jacobitz at Lousberg Run 2022 © Andreas Steindl

With a time of 18:40 minutes, competitive athlete Esther Jacobitz sets a new course record at the Lousberglauf 2022.


Ms. Jacobitz, you set the women's track record last year. How did it feel for you?

It felt really good because the first half of the course goes up and then when it gets tough, luckily it goes down and it's easier to keep the pace.

Did you expect to set a new course record?

I wasn't aiming for that. I didn't know where the old course record was before my run. I wanted to run fast without pressure and just have fun.

What did it mean for you to participate in a cult race like the Lousberg Run?

Since I started together with my brother, it was even more fun for me to start at the Lousberg Run. I saw how many other groups use the Lousberg Run to meet and exercise together.

What was the preparation for the run like?

Since I am a competitive athlete in the field of middle and long distance, I did the run out of my season.

What is the special attraction for you at the Lousberg Run?

The special attraction for me is the varied course profile. I like to run uphill to improve my strength endurance, but also downhill to be able to reel off a fast, frequent stride well on the flat as well. The Lousberg Run is perfect for that.

What is the Lousberglauf for you in 3 words?

Hard but fun!

And last but not least: Will you be running again in 2023?

Unfortunately, according to the current status, the Lousberg Run does not fit into my seasonal planning. But it is not completely out of the question.