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Event Period

The RWTH Campuslauf digital will take place in a period of 10 days. The event period is April 30 to May 9, 2021, in this period the running performance has to be done and the result has to be submitted. The results can be uploaded via the link sent by email after registration from Friday, April 30 at 10am to Sunday, May 9 at 8pm.


Participation is open to all interested persons. An affiliation to the RWTH is not a prerequisite. We are looking forward to all participants.


The registration for the RWTH Campuslauf digital is possible from April 19 at 10am and can be done until May 9 at 6pm. After successful registration, participants will receive an email with a link to upload their personal running results. To participate in the Team Challenge, a team name must be entered during registration. The allocation of the teams will be based on the team’s name entered.

You will find the registration link on the main page of the RWTH Campuslauf digital when you register.

Running Distances and Starting Fees

The RWTH Campuslauf digital offers the traditional running routes of the Campuslauf. The routes are independent of location and can be chosen freely, only the distances are essential. Runs offered:

  • FitnessRun, 9 km, starting fee 5 euros
  • FunRun, 4.6 km, starting fee 5 euros
  • Relay Run, 4 x 2.3 km, starting fee 12 euros per team

Relay Run

The goal is to cover a total distance of 9.2 km in a relay team, with each team member covering a distance of 2.3 km. Each relay team consists of four people. The relay teams must be mixed in gender. The proportion of women and men can be chosen freely. The registration of the relay team is done by naming the four participating team members as one joint registration.

Team Challenge

There is a team challenge for all participants of the FunRun, FitnessRun and relay runs: The team which provides the most runners in all competitions together, wins. Teams consist of at least four people. Only finishers who have submitted their running time digitally will be considered for the Team Challenge. In case of multiple starts for different distances, the runner will only be considered for the Team Challenge once. To participate in the Team Challenge, the common team’s name must be entered for each runner during registration. The teams must be clearly assignable on the basis of the team’s name. A uniform spelling is to be observed here. At the end of the event, the final result of the Team Challenge will be published.

The winning team will receive a special award. The Förderverein des Aachener Hochschulsports (FuFAH e.V.) awards the FuFAH honorary prize - the Klenkes Cup.

Time and Distance Measurement

With the registration, the participants will receive a link by email, where they can upload their running results. It is the responsibility of the participants to carry out the time measurement and record the running distance. Smartphones with any running apps or GPS watches can be used for individual recording. The time and running distance recording must be documented by a screenshot. The screenshot must show the running distance, the running time, and the running date. The screenshot must be provided when submitting the personal running results.

Scores and Certificates

The winners will be announced on the RWTH Campuslauf digital homepage. The first- to third-placed men and women of the FunRun and FitnessRun, the first- to third-placed relay teams and the team with the most participants as the winner of the Team Challenge will be honored.

All finishers will receive a certificate of participation with their respective running time or the relay teams with the team’s time. The certificates will be sent by email as a PDF and can be printed out by the participants themselves. Certificates with rankings can be downloaded via the result lists after the event has been completed.

Result Lists

The result lists can be downloaded after the event via the RWTH Campuslauf digital homepage. In addition, live result lists with intermediate rankings are available during the event period.

Starting Number

Participants have the possibility to print out their individual starting number themselves. Participants will receive their starting number as a PDF with the confirmation email of their registration. We look forward to participants wearing the starting numbers during the run, however, it is not obligatory.

Sports Health

With the registration every participant confirms his or her sports health. A medical examination by the University Sports Center will not take place. We recommend an active training preparation to all participants.


Cancellations and rebookings are not possible.

Code of Conduct

The official COVID 19 pandemic regulations in force at the time the runs are held must be complied with unconditionally by all participants. All participants undertake to achieve their run times fairly and without the use of advantage-providing aids or other manipulations.


Organizer is the University Sports Center of RWTH Aachen University (HSZ).

Insurance Coverage

Participation in events is not covered by insurance as is the case with other participation in university sports. Therefore, we strongly recommend having your own insurance coverage.


We recommend all runners to take care of an active training preparation as well as sufficient hydration, not to overexert themselves physically at high temperatures and to warm up sufficiently before the start.