Letters of Greeting


Greeting from the Head of the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center for the RWTH Campuslauf digital 2021

Head of the HSZ Peter Lynen Copyright: © HSZ

Dear students, dear runners,

Alongside the traditional Lousberglauf, the RWTH Campuslauf is a popular running event in the calendar of events of the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ). It arose from the idea of reviving the innovative and young campus location Campus Melaten with large sporting events and thus contributes significantly to university life in Aachen.

Unfortunately, like many other things, it is currently not possible to host a sports event in the usual way. However, the HSZ has accepted the challenge, and has set up a digital event in a short time: the first RWTH Campuslauf digital.

This year, participants have a period of 10 days to complete their run and upload the result including screenshots. In addition, the Campuslauf is location-independent and enables pandemic-appropriate participation from anywhere. This creates completely new opportunities. A special feature of the RWTH Campuslauf is that this event focuses on the team concept. The Team Challenge offers an excellent opportunity in these leaden times to do something together with colleagues, fellow students or in other networks. The joint activity also has a positive impact on the identity and community of many institutes and institutions. For this reason, I would like to call on all managers at RWTH and FH, all chairpersons and sports group leaders, and all student councils to set up a team for an active life at the university.

I would like to thank Techniker Krankenkasse, which has supported us as a health partner in the realization of the event since 2017.

I wish all participants a lot of fun and success at our event!

Peter Lynen, Head of the University Sports Center


Greeting from Masoud Mirzai, Head of the Customer Service, Campus Aachen

Mr. Masoud Mirzai, Techniker Krankenkasse Aachen Copyright: © TK

Dear students, dear runners,

on behalf of Techniker Krankenkasse as the health partner, I would like to welcome you to the RWTH Campuslauf digital!

The Campuslauf is one of the established runs in Aachen and this year it is taking place in a digital format.

My very special thanks go to the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ), who have set up an excellent alternative with this format and make a special kind of running experience possible.

Run with us and make the RWTH Campuslauf digital a very special running event.

At the Campus Melaten or anywhere you like.

I wish all runners lots of fun and success with their personal running experience!

Yours Masoud Mirzai