Beach Volleyball Mixed

  Beachvolleyball Tournament © HSZ

Whether you have tournament experience or not, anyone interested in beach volleyball is invited to play in a mixed team.

When June 14, 2023 10am to 7pm

Beachsportanlage Königshügel

Registration begins March 28, 2023, 4pm
Registration ends June 7, 2023, 12 noon

Registration Rules

Online registration occurs in pairs. For organizational reasons we can only accept registrations for mixed teams made up of one woman and one man. Participants, who register in all female or all male teams will be removed from the registration list. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please provide a team name when registering online.

All participants must register as present with the tournament director at the beach facility by 9:30am the day of the event.

Participation Fee

Members of the University: 9 euros per person
Guests: 18 euros per person

Game Mode

Each team plays at least five games. We will start with group games and then play for the rankings in double-out mode.

Rules of the Game

The tournament is played according to the official rules of the German Volleyball Association.
We ask that you pay attention to the terms of use for the Beachsportanlage Königshügel


Balls will be provided by the University Sports Center


Refreshments will be offered at Stadion Königshügel.


The tournament director reserves the right to postpone the tournament in the event of constant rain.