Cage Soccer

  Cage soccer players in action © HSZ

From hobby players to those with tournament experience, we invite all to register for the cage soccer tournaments with their own mixed team. A team can have up to eight players; games are played four against four with three outfield players and a flying goalie.

When June 14, 2023 12am to 6pm

SOCCERBOX Königshügel

Registration begins March 28, 2023, 4pm
Registration ends June 7, 2023, 12 noon

Registration Rules

The team captain registers the team online. Please include the team name. A maximum of 20 teams can participate.

All participants must register as present with the tournament director at the soccerbox by 11:30am the day of the event.

Participation Fee

Members of the University: 32 Euros per team
Guests: 64 Euros per team

Game Mode

First a group phase is played with four groups consisting of five teams each. Then a final round is played for first to third place according to the knock-out system. Each team plays at least four games.

Rules of the Game

The game is played four against four, with three field players per team plus a "flying" goalkeeper. Up to four substitutes per team wait behind the goal.

Games are played without the offside rule.

Goals are only valid when they are scored within the opposing team's half of the field. After a goal is scored play continues with the goalkeeper throwing or kicking the ball back. The first pass must be made inside your own half.

The goalkeeper can only use his hands to touch the ball within the marked goal box. The goalkeeper is not allowed to leave his own half of the game, consequently he is not allowed to score. A back pass to the goalkeeper may not be taken with the hand. A goalkeeper's throw-off must be touched by a teammate within the goalkeeper's own half.
The goalkeeper may only be changed when the team has possession of the ball or the game is interrupted. Even if the goalkeeper is allowed to play up to the halfway line, he is still fixed and may not be changed suddenly. The last man rule expressly does NOT apply.

Substitutions may be made on the fly at any time. However, the new player must wait until the previous player leaves the SOCCERBOX through the door in the goal. Substitutions may only be made by the team currently in possession of the ball.

Fair play is a matter of course for us!

If a clear scoring chance is prevented by foul play, handball or the taking of a back pass, a 7-meter penalty kick will follow. A free kick is always taken indirectly.

In case of over-harsh foul play (especially foul play on the boards), the referee may issue a 2-minute penalty (yellow card). The team must play this time outnumbered.

In case of particularly serious foul play, such as activities, insults or similar, the referee may exclude a player from the game (red card). The team is allowed to put a new player in after 2 minutes. The tournament director reserves the right to suspend players for the next game or exclude them from the tournament in case of serious misconduct.

Decisions of the referee are factual decisions! The instructions of the tournament director have to be obeyed!

Only shoes with plastic cleats or studs may be worn. Metal cleats are forbidden. The organizer is not liable for personal injuries or lost objects.


Balls will be provided by the University Sports Center.


Refreshments will be offered at Stadion Königshügel.

Call: Referees wanted!

For the Cagesoccer-tournament we are still searching for referees. More information can be found in the referee call.


Hendrik Ziebs

Tournament Director