Small Pitch Soccer

  Aerial view of a soccer tournament Copyright: © M2Brothers

30 teams face off on three thirds of the natural grass pitch at Königshügel to become the champion of the small pitch tournament. Whether you have tournament experience or not, anyone interested in soccer is welcome to register with their own mixed team. A team can have up to eleven players. Games are played with five outfield players and a goalkeeper.

When? June 1, 2022, 11am to 5:30pm
Where Naturrasenplatz Königshügel
Registration begins March 29, 2022, 4pm
Registration ends May 25, 2022, 12 noon

Registration Rules

The team captain registers the team online. Please include the team name. A maximum of 30 teams can participate. All participants must register as present with the tournament director at Stadion Königshügel by 10:30am the day of the event.

Participation Fee

Members of the University: 44 Euros per team
Guests: 88 Euros per team

Game Mode

Games are played as open-mixed. This means that all possible team configurations – mixed, women's teams, men's teams – are allowed. After a group round, each with five teams, teams play in the final round according to the knock-out system. Group champions and the runners up play in the finals. Every team plays at least four games.

Rules of the Game

A team is composed of a maximum of eleven players. Games are played with five outfield players and a goalkeeper per team. There is a referee for each game. Participants must adhere to their instructions and decisions.

The games are played according to the rules of the Fußballverband Mittelrhein e. V.. The offside rule will not be applied. Players can swap out at the halfway-line. All free kicks must be indirect. The back-pass rule applies. The ball is rolled back into play from the outer line. The goalkeeper can only touch the ball with their hand inside the designated goal area. After a goalkeeper has thrown the ball back, it must be accepted by a fellow team member.

If teams have the same number of points after the preliminary round, the goal difference will be the deciding factor. If this is also the same, then the higher number of goals scores is the deciding factor. For example 3:2 is better than 2:1 in this case. If the number of goals scored is also the same, a direct comparison is made. If this is also equal, then teams take penalty shots. If there is a draw in the finals, teams will take penalty shots.

After the final whistle the team captain of the winning team must give the result to the tournament director. If there is a draw, the teams decide who will communicate the result.

Please adhere to the tournament plan. Come on to the pitch quickly before a game and leave it quickly after the game. Each team is responsible for knowing when the next game is.
A team is considered as having started once five players are present. If a team is late or does not come to its game, the game is considered a loss for them and scored as 0:2.

In the event of a rough foul play, players are suspended for five minutes. The respective referee makes the call. This is indisputable. If unsportsmanlike behavior once again occurs, the tournament director may suspend the players for the rest of the tournament.

The event organizer is not responsible for personal damages or lost items.

Pay attention to the tournament director's instructions.

Fair play is a given prerequisite to playing.


Footballs will be provided by the University Sports Center.


Refreshments will be offered at Stadion Königshügel.


The tournament director reserves the right to postpone the tournament in the event of constant rain.