Functional Training

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Gregor Lowinski



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Content and Goals

Functional Training is a whole-body workout, which beside general strengthening also improves your fitness, stamina and agility. Thanks to targeted and varied movement sequences, you’ll strengthen your functional movement chains and simultaneously stabilize your joints, thereby training the movement patterns that relieve you in your everyday – and all that with nothing but your own body weight. Beside general strengthening, overall coordination of movement will be optimized, the cardiovascular system trained and the small but invaluable auxiliary muscles, which give the body vital stability, will be strengthened. The exercises are possible in simple forms, but can be made more challenging through the use of variations, meaning that there is something for every level of fitness.


This course is aimed at all participants regardless of fitness level.

Course Capacity

The capacity of this course is limited, so that the course instructors can advise the participants individually.

How to Zoom

Find out how Zoom is used in the HSZ Digital Workouts under How to Zoom.


7-Days On Demand

For this offer, recordings of the most recent sessions are made available on-demand for 7 days. Further information on this can be found under On Demand Videos. Booking is done via the same booking link as the live offer.