On Demand Videos


7 Days On-Demand and YouTube

The live offers are now available on-demand for up to 7 days. In order to watch a 7-day on-demand offer you need to book the relevant course on the page of the sport. Upon doing so, you will receive the Zoom access details just as with the live zoom sessions.

Recording and Data Protection

The live sessions are recorded. The recording is indicated to participants through a small symbol at the top left corner of the zoom window. The recording is restricted exclusively to the view of the speaker. All relevant data protection requirements are observed. So that participants do not show up in the recording, it is required that the microphones of all participants are muted. This prevents that the speaker view is moved. This setting is controlled centrally by the HSZ, i.e., the zoom host. Thus, nobody need worry about accidently showing up in the recording. The chat function remains available to communicate with the course instructor and is not recorded.

The recordings are made available on the following workday. Thus, sessions recorded on Friday are only made available on Monday.

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On Demand Videos on YouTube

In addition, all the workouts we carried out in Lockdown Vol. 1 are available in a playlist on the RWTH YouTube channel.