Knowledge Bites

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Thomas Jacobi

Certified Sports Teacher


+49 241 80 24389



Content and Goals

Compressed knowledge, well dosed and practical. The Knowledge Bites series offers interesting content from the fields of sports, nutrition, and health. The webinar-like series conveys useful theoretical content for a healthy and active lifestyle in short units of 10 to 15 minutes. The speakers are experienced exercise instructors from the University Sports Center. The format allows for interaction with the speaker. Individual questions can be exchanged following the short lecture.


The course is open to any level. No special previous experience is required. No sports equipment is necessary except for a mat.

Course Capacity

The capacity of this course is limited, so that the course instructors can advise the participants individually.

How to Zoom

Find out how Zoom is used in the HSZ Digital Workouts under How to Zoom.