Windsurfing Makkum

  Windsurfers on Ijsselmeer Copyright: HSZ

Dates and Booking

October 2 to 9, 2020

Windsurfing on Ijsselmeer in Makkum

We are once again offering a windsurfing course for beginners and advanced surfers in Makkum on the Dutch Ijsselmeer during the week of semester break. Depending on participants' skills, different groups will be formed, so that everyone's gets their money's worth.

You can not only learn to windsurf but also acquire the DSV basic certificate. You also have the possibility to learn and improve further techniques, such as footstrap and harness riding, beach starts, water starts, gybing, and much more, while under supervision.


Makkum is an ideal backdrop for all skill levels: it is completely shallow, so that beginners can have their first surfing experiences with all wind directions without a problem. This is an ideal practice location for all other skill levels, where you can fine tune existing maneuvers or learn new jibes and tacks.


Surfing materials for beginners and those slightly more experienced are available and can be rented for 60 Euros for the duration of the course. We recommend experienced surfers bring their own material.


Accommodation is provided in three houses, each with six people, at Beach Ressort Makkum. These are very well equipped, so that we can cook for ourselves.

Arrival and Departure

The tour begins the Thursday before at Wildenhof, University Sports' water sports venue on the Rursee. We will put together the materials with you and load the vehicles. Afterwards we have a bbq to kick off the tour. It is possible to stay the night at Wildenhof. The tour then leaves for Holland Friday morning.

You are responsible for your own transporation. Carpools can be formed for private cars in a previous meeting. The group returns to Wildenhof the Friday after the tour.


  • Arrangements for carpool and board
  • Accommodations in a house of six with two-bed rooms
  • Individual surfing supervision depending on skill level and interest
  • Possibility to obtain the DSV basic certificate; the examination fee is 25 Euros
  • Alternatives like SUP, beachvolleyball or slackline

Participation Restriction

Maximum of 14 people. Minors cannot participate in this tour.

Additional Costs

  • Arrival
  • Board
  • Surfing materials

Impressions of Windsurfing Makkum