Sport-Coastal Ship-Licence

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Uli Weber

Certified Sports Teacher



This training sailing trip with concluding practical exam for the Sportküstenschifferschein (SKS) (sport-coastal ship-licence) has been part of the program at University Sports since 2007 and is aimed at all students who already had first experiences aboard a sea-going sailing yacht and wish to gain further valuable knowledge as they enter into the sport of yachting, particularly participants of the theory course in the winter. Due to good experiences and high demand we will in 2022 again be offering, in addition to the traditional trip in early summer, a trip in autumn, which due to the post-season charter prices will be even cheaper.

A high quality of training is our top priority. For this reason we will take the time during our two week trip to not only rack up the necessary miles, but also practice the manoeuvers required for the exam, ensuring that they can be safely performed by the entire crew. Additionally, we will learn how to apply in practice theoretical knowledge in navigation, seamanship, maritime law and weather. And last but not least we will also be teaching you how to organize and run a group sailing trip. So, we won’t be sailing “just for the credit”.

The Baltic Sea is the ideal area for the SKS training, as it’s not only right on the doorstep, but also offers a beautiful and varied landscape and plenty of characteristics valuable for practice: navigationally challenging waters, seamarks, commercial shipping and correspondingly beautiful light show at night.


Further Information


Accommodation on the yacht as well as navigation and sail training in preparation for the practical SKS exam at the end of the trip by an experienced skipper. The 300sm required for the exam will be covered and certified. A night trip is obligatory.


A prerequisite for participation in the practical SKS examination is the sports boat license sea.

Registration and organization of the date for the practical SKS-examination at the end of the trip is done by the participants.

Board Cash

approx. 180 euros for catering, harbor fees, diesel, final cleaning

Sailing Trip Price

Sailing Trip 1: 790 euros per person

Sailing Trip 2: 690 euros per person

Prices do not include travel, board cash, and exam fees.


To get to know each other and to organize the journey, the sailing trip and the exam, a pre-meeting will take place. The date will be announced in time after booking, usually eight weeks before the sailing trip.