Movement Advice for the Workday



There are many possibilities to shape your work day more actively. These can relate to the commute and work environment, but also your breaks and the work itself. Aids are allowed and creativity is definitely welcome! And don’t forget to consider our Büro-Yoga.


  • Take the bike to work!
  • Park your car further away!
  • Get out a station or stop earlier!
  • Stay standing in the train or bus!
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift !

Work Content

  • „Walk to talk“: Contact your colleagues in person!
  • Stand up while on the phone!
  • Frequently change your seating position!
  • Conduct your meetings while standing!
  • Use the company bicycle!


  • Go for a walk during or after your lunch break!
  • Integrate 3 to 5 daily walks of 1 to 5 minutes into your work day!
  • Take moving breakes instead of coffee breaks!

Work Environment

  • Place your files and bin out of reach!
  • Use the central copier!
  • If available: Use a standing desk for meetings!


  • Richten Sie sich Desktop-Bewegungs-Reminder ein!
  • Use a step counter!
    Every step counts! 10.000 steps per day (Tips to help reach that: Use waiting time for extra steps; Visit the toilets on a different floor)
  • Put a balancing cushion on your chair!
  • Place a balance pad in your office!
  • Attach a Theraband to your desk leg!