Anti Sitting Workshop



Anti Sitting Workshop


Sustained sitting damages our health, regardless of how much sport we do! Typical consequences of a sitting lifestyle are, for example, physical imbalances, which in turn can cause back and neck pain.

In the workshop participants will receive useful tips and learn a plethora of exercises to help reduce everyday sitting time and the consequences thereof. Through regular application of the exercises, blockages can be eased and movability and movement quality improved, enabling a return to a pain-free posture.

The workshop is a permanent offer and is arranged on request. You can book this offer as an institute group (5-12 participants) or as single person. The course lasts about 3.5 hours, which can be split into two appointments if necessary. If you sign up as a single participant you will be matched with other participants to form a group.
Under the right conditions, it is possible to organize the workshop directly at the work place. Alternatively the centrally located hall Turnhalle Königstraße can be booked for the workshop on the weekend.

Please clarify with your superior, whether the workshop can take place at the workplace.

For further questions, registration and date arrangement please contact the address below.