RWTH aktiv - Moving University


Moving University“ is a project of University Sports to promote good health at RWTH and is sponsored by Techniker Krankenkasse. As well as its main subject area "movement", the project also emphasizes relaxation and diet.

The aim of the project is to sensitize people tothe importance of movement and health in everyday life as well as incentivizing behavioral changes for RWTH staff and students.

The movement section is split into two sub projects: BottomsUp, the campaign against a sitting lifestyle and the Students Pausenexpress.

Theoretical Basis

Based on the Healthy Settings approach developed by the WHO, the project is focused on the entire university setting, which through its unique conditions has a decisive influence on the health of those operating within it.

Not only will the project involve individualized preventative measures as part of the settings approach, but also aims to change the frame and structure of the entire University setting.