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Thai-Bo is effective cardiovascular training to music with movements from boxing, karate, and tae-kwon-do.


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Gregor Lowinski




Target Group and Prerequisites

This offer is targeted towards women and men of all ages and fitness levels, with or without previous fitness experience.

Content and Objectives

Thai Bo

Agility, endurance, coordination and speed are trained in a combination of changing choreography and strength exercises. When done correctly, the fast, targeted, and powerful movements with body tension make Thai-Bo a full body workout that burns a ton of calories. Here you are fighting against your problem areas and your own limits.

Thai-Bo Power

Agility and strength based movements are in focus. All parts of the body are challenged so you can get loose with a lot of body tension.

Thai-Bo Kick-it

The focus is on leg technique. Increasingly demanding Thai-Bo elements are put together to build up a highly motivating choreography that requires your body tension, technique, and endurance.

Thai-Bo Xtreme

Changing Thai-Bo choreographies are combined with fitness elements. Focus is on endurance and speed. Music with 160 beats per minute and the joy of exercising will make you sweat.

Sports Facilities

Fitnesshalle 2 Königshügel


To participate you must bring a separate, clean pair of gym shoes. Please bring something to drink.

Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

If you would like to be informed of last minute course cancellations and facility closures affecting this class, please join the corresponding mailing list.