Men's Competitive Soccer Team

  Soccer players dribbling the ball Copyright: Steindl

Ball and game sports require good fitness in order to meet the demands over the course of the game. Acceleration speed, jumping and throwing power, balll skills, and the ability to participate are all important characteristics of an athlete, no matter what sport they are playing. Targeted training increases the body's ability to perform and prevents signs of fatigue.


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Gregor Lowinski

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Target Group and Prerequisites

This offer is primarily for soccer players, who have limited or ended their "club career" due to their studies.
The competitive team participates in national and international soccer tournaments and the German university championships. The team's objective is to experience sport with a degree of fun at a higher skill level without the traditional pressure of club soccer. Regular participation is required.

Content and Objectives

The training units at the beginning of the summer are specifically designed for the team to participate in the German university championships. The first four to six weeks are used to prepare the team's fitness, including through speed and strength endurance exercises, and to prepare the team's playing tactics, through targeted technique and dual training for the preliminary round against other top-class university teams.
The link between fitness and technical-tactical aspects and constant work with the ball are at the focus of the team's training. The improvement of technical skills, applied, for example, in an endurance parcours or station training, forms the framework for balanced training. Even the warm-up with the ball in each unit combines the fitness focus with technical elements. Targeted forms of play and exercises round out the training.

Friendly matches are regularly held against teams from the Aachen area, primarily from the seventh and sixth divisions, and other university team. The games are usually held during the week, not on the weekend.
There are also international and national tournaments, which promote the team's competitive character.

Sports Facilities

Sporthalle Eckertweg, Naturasenplatz Königshügel

Special Participation Requirements

Only members of the University's team can participate after previously speaking with the representative, Armin Janß. Players must be members of the University. Registration is password protected.

Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

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