Golf Level 2 With Green Access


Dates, Prices and Booking


Target Group and Prerequisites

The HSZ is collaborating with Haus Kambach to offer Level 2 courses for experienced golfers.

Content and Objectives

This course builds off of the Level 1 course and expands and advances the skills learned in Level 1. The Level 2 course includes 12.5 60-minute training units with a golf instructor. During the course duration participants are allowed to use the training facility.

This course grants access to the green. The 18-hole golf course can be used 10 times. In order to play on the green you must have been granted a license from the golf instructor. You are required to bring your own equipment. Each time you play, the game will be substracted from your remaining games available, regardless if you play one or 18 holes.

Organizational Information

Please note that only the first course date is set. Participants arrange the rest of the dates together with the golf instructor. This course does not grant participants access to the green! Participants, who have never taken the Level 2 course at the HSZ, have priority when registering. Thus, the registration, which runs from Tuesday, April 13, 4pm to Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 3pm, is password-protected. You can request the password by sending an email to the . Include your first and last name, address, and email address. Individuals, who want to book a Level 2 course with or without green access another time, can register starting Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 4pm, as long as there are still spaces available. Only those participants who have booked the Level 2 course a maximum of two times are allowed to register. Participants are requested to bring the remaining fee of 230 euros to the first course date.


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