Handball Level 2


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Target Group and Prerequisites

Interested individuals with little playing and training experience, who already know the basic techniques and movements of handball and are familiar with the fundamental handball rules.

Content and Objectives

  • Improvement of the basic techniques passing, catching, throwing, and dribbling
  • Participants learn various ways to pass and shoot such as shooting while running, hip shots, and dive shots
  • Advancement of offensive techniques such as body swerves, the three-step rule, and direct counterstrokes
  • Advancement of defensive techniques, primarily basic defensive positioning, blocking, offensive behavior, and compressing
  • Participants learn tactical basics for small groups for offensive play, substitution, running in, and further counterstrokes
  • Fundamental principles of collaboration on defense such as passing and taking over, moving towards the ball side, "tactical triangle"
  • Advancement and further exploration of fundamental team tactics in 6:0 defense and 5:1 defense and 5:1 offense and 4:2 offense through transitions
  • Improvement of overall and handball-specific fitness: strength, endurance, mobility, and coordination with the ball

Organizational Information


A one-time registration for the entire course duration is required.


We recommend regularly participating as content is taught successively.

Information About Absences

If you cannot make it to a class, please let the course instructor know.
Participants who are regularly absent without informing the instructor will be de-registered from the class by the HSZ and the spot will be given to someone on the waiting list.


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