Rock Climbing Level 1


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This course is targeted towards climbing beginners, who have little to no experience in belaying and climbing.

As usual, we are offering our Level 1 Course with a focus on climbing technique. Beginning in the winter semester 18/19, we’re also offering a new course Level 1 Height Acclimatization, which is for everybody, who is motivated to relax their relationship with heights.

Level 1 Climbing Technique

Target Group and Requirements

This course is aimed at everyone who wants to learn a learn a belay technique and immediately afterwards get to know basic climbing techniques.

Contents and Goals

The course is broken down into two parts. In the first part participants learn the basics of belaying. After the first half of the course, participants receive a climbing pass certifying that they have mastered belaying and allowing them to independently climb at Kletterhalle Tivoli outside of the class.

Building on the first half, the second part of the course teaches the first basic techniques, such as step and foothold techniques. This course offers an ideal introduction to the world of climbing.

Level 1 Height Acclimatization

Target Group and Requirements

Climbing is all in the head! For that reason, this course is for everyone who would like to have time and calm to get used to heights and motivate themselves to develop a more relaxed relationship with heights.

Contents and Goals

Due to a smaller number of participants, compared with the Level 1 Climbing Technique courses, we have the opportunity to offer you better individual support in slowly building up trust with the rope, belay, material and climbing partner.

Here, you will also learn the basics of belaying. Additionally, you will also learn techniques to get used to altitude, with which you can gradually get a feeling for height and the belay equipment. The teaching of climbing techniques is secondary in this course.

We’ll use relaxation techniques, as well as trust and cooperation exercises, amongst other things, to foster mutual support in the group. Through doing so, we want to create a space in which everyone can extend their comfort zone upwards a bit.


Additionally to the course fee, participants must pay the entry fee to the Tivoli Rock climbing hall. The entry fee is 6 euros per participants per date, including harness and shoes. Please let reception know, that you are part of the university climbing course, so you can take advantage of the reduced entry fee. Due to the reduced entry fee, continued climbing after the end of the course is not intended.


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