Rowing Training


Dates, Prices and Booking


Target Group and Prerequisites

Training is oriented towards individuals who have the current semester card.

Content and Objectives

A group meets multiple times a week to drive together by car from Aachen to Rursee to train. Teams are also formed, which train for national and some international competitions. There is a large selection of various boats at Rursee. Furthermore, the team meets outside of rowing training, for example to go running.

Ambitious competitive athletes also have the possibility to join Germany's fastest University rowing team. Aachen has been the German university champion for the past five years. The eight-man team, made up of students and doctoral candidates at the Aachen universities, also participates in international regattas. During the winter mostly dry training is held, before training location and boat are selected in the spring. In the summer the new team trains in a straight path on the water in Maastricht.


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