Back Fitness Course


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Target Group and Prerequisites

The back fitness course is targeted towards those afflicted with shoulder, neck, and different back problems due to lack of movement and who want to do something for their health.

Content and Objectives

In the back fitness course the back musculature is actively and gently strengthened and stretched. Additionally, gentle movements for the back help the body find more coordination and the spine more stability. The class is rounded out with a few stretches.

The objective of the course Back Fitness: Coordination and Balance is to train your body perception using unstable surfaces such as soft mats, foam pillows, trampolines, and a balance board. Through this sensomotoric training the small, deep, stabilizing muscles of the body are addressed and strengthened causing an amazing improvement to posture and control of balance. Sensomotoric training is particularly effective and helpful for back problems and increase the body's ability to react and stabilize, which can have a positive effect in dangerous situations and prevent injuries. In this course strength and coordination are unified into a single element.


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