Tennis Courses


We offer tennis courses with supervised training and learning content at five levels that build on each other, Level 1 to Level 5. These courses are offered both weekly and as compact courses. The courses are led by qualified tennis instructors at indoor tennis courts during the winter semester and additionally at the University's clay tennis courts at Professor-Pirlet-Straße during the summer semester. Courses are given on a court as group lessons with up to four participants. One course encompasses eight 60-minute units, that is one hour a week. A compact course encompasses five 90-minute units, that is one and half hours per day, for five consecutive days.


Organizational Information


A one-time registration is required for entire course duration. Balls, and racquets if necessary, are provided by the HSZ and are included in the course fee.


Please note that you are required to have your own shoes that are appropriate for the court surface! The indoor courts are covered with carpet, requiring participants to wear special indoor tennis shoes with a smooth, non-marking sole.

To play on the clay courts, you must wear outdoor tennis shoes with a herringbone pattern. Please understand that our course instructors may prohibit your participation if you are not wearing the appropriate shoes.

No Class on the Following Days

The tennis courses will not be held on the days below.

The course duration has been extended accordingly to make up for these days, ensuring that all courses have the same number of units.

Summer Semester:
Ascension of Christ: Thursday
Pentecost and Excursion Week: Sunday, to Friday
Corpus Christi: Thursday,

Winter Semester:
All Saints Day: Thursday, November 1, 2018
University Sports Show: Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Carnival: Thursday, February 28 to Monday, March, 4, 2019


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