Tennis Matches


The unsupervised matches allow anyone with a tennis card to play on one of the courts in a self-organized team without registering online in advance. During the summer semester, individuals can book the tennis card and use the courts seven days a week – including on public holidays – to play self-organized games. A few rules were established and are explained here to ensure fair play and sharing. We ask that you read and make note of these! The University's clay courts are not in operation during the winter semester. Thus we cannot offer unsupervised matches in the winter.


Only During Summer Semester!

Target Group and Prerequisites

You must purchase the tennis card to participate in unsupervised matches at the Professor-Pirlet-Straße tennis facility! Employees additionally need an employee sports card, and guests a guest card. The tennis card is only valid in combination with a work ID or student ID and a picture ID and cannot be transferred to another individual. Please note that we control the cards and IDs at all University events. If asked, you must show your tennis card and ID to our staff.

Playing Times and Court Rules

Opening Hours

The tennis courts at Professor-Pirlet-Straße are open daily during the summer semester from 9am to 9pm, including holidays. The University's clay courts are not in operation during the winter semester. Thus we cannot offer unsupervised matches in the winter.

On the following days the sports facility will be systematically closed for the regular operation:


Organization of the Order of Use

Players organize matches and court sharing themselves. During unsupervised matches, players switch courts on the hour. Players can more or less "claim" a court. If there is congestion, players are required to not only arrange with the previous players that they will take the court next but one person from the following team must be consistently present on the court till their own play time begins. If not all the courts are occupied and a court is free, tennis card holders can begin to play without registering first. You must roll and water a court during your hour before handing it off to the next team.

Court Playability

All of the clay courts can be used for unsupervised matches by holders of the tennis card. However, courts 1, 2, and 6 are partially reserved for courses, individual dates, and subscriptions. Courses and court reservations have priority over the unsupervised matches. During the hours where nothing is being held, the courts can be used for unsupervised matches. The occupied times can be found in the court schedule.

Enter your address in the mailing list for facility closures to receive emails about when the tennis courts are closed. In the event the courts are closed at the last minute, for example due to weather, you can call the sports supervisor at +49 151 14042585 to find out whether the courts are open.

You must adhere to the terms of use for the tennis courts!

Materials and Shoes

To play on the clay courts, you must wear outdoor tennis shoes with a herringbone pattern. Players who abuse this rule will be restricted from using the clay courts, so we can protect them. Players will not receive a refund.

You must bring your own balls and racquets.


The tennis card costs 40 Euros. There is a 50 percent reduction to the price of the tennis card seven weeks before the summer semester ends.

The tennis card is valid for the entire summer season starting at the end of April/beginning of May to mid-October.


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